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How To Shop - Copy & Paste Method

1. Copy USA Merchants' URL

Browse a merchant website select a product from their website copy the product url link

2. Paste URL

Paste the product url link to uskoop and search

3. Final Price

Uskoop will show you the selected product final price (base price + fulfillment fees)

4. Buy For Me

Register a account with Uskoop, from there we will ship to you all the way to your doorstep

Shop Via Uskoop Drag n Shop

1. First, let’s make sure your Favourites or Bookmarks bar is enabled. From your browser’s menu, click on Settings or Bookmarks and turn on the ‘Show Favourites/Bookmarks Bar’ option.

2. Next, click on the green ‘U’ button on the right side of your screen and drop it onto your browser’s Favourites / Bookmarks bar. You will now see the ‘Uskoop Drag & Shop’ widget listed on your browser’s toolbar.

3. Once done, click on any merchant listed on Uskoop site and start shopping away!

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